Windrock Group is a global consulting firm that has expertise in business strategy and development, market research, expeditionary services, program and project management, design build services and technology introduction.

Founded in 2010 by two entrepreneurs; Windrock Group’s mission is “to shape the future for clients in a dynamic world.” We work with our clients to solve problems and create new value in today's fast-paced, changing environments, just as our parent company, Windrock Aviation, did in 1994 when it entered into the aviation industry.

At Windrock Group, we are a consulting team that seeks to work with corporate, government, and social sector organizations in all regions. We help to identify their highest-value opportunities and address their most critical challenges.

As an intermediary, we add exceptional value by bringing our market insights and strategic business acumen to each assignment, helping our clients achieve true answers.

Windrock Group believes a key role of a good consultant is to communicate a vision of opportunity and to guide strategic planning. Successfully implementing that strategic plan often requires the involvement of teams at all levels. A shared involvement builds a shared vision and increases each individual's motivation to see plans succeed. Success is not a one man show.

Results driven by ambition to succeed

Windrock Group is a consulting firm the world's business leaders need on their team when it comes to getting constant lasting results, and we are a partner who cares as much as they do about getting those results in a timely manner.

Together, we work hand in hand, finding value that crosses boundaries and developing insights that inspire action, with our aim at energizing teams to sustain success.

We're passionate about always “doing right” by our clients, our people, and the regions we work, even if it isn't easy or has a cost that we must endure.