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Geostrategy is a subfield of geopolitics, guided principally by geographical factors as they inform, constrain, or affect political and military planning.

As with all strategies, geostrategy is concerned with matching a means to an end. In this case, Windrock Group seeks to be a geostrategic partner with our clients, in their quest of international development. Our global team is adept at facilitating market growth across industries and geographies, and facilitating the necessary strategic relationships. In a competitive global economy, we offer our clients a way to grow in emerging markets and achieve a global competitive position. We identify opportunities through market research and strategy development. We also work with companies seeking to pierce a market with a unique product or to sell a business unit. Windrock Group offers clients in transition much needed strategies in uncertainty, innovation with leadership, and organization in chaos to deliver sustainable results.

In all cases, we operate as a trusted strategic adviser. We leverage our resources to help our clients achieve strategic market-driven goals.

Client engagements can be from a few months, to an evolved multi-year transformative relationship. Today, Windrock Group operates worldwide in countries that are considered emerging markets, with some having austere environments. Our team members include some of the most well trained professionals and field leaders who create business strategies that provide client successes.

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