What We Do

Windrock Group works with organizations to help them grow and succeed at their mission. Every entity from private industry, to Government agencies and NGO's have a mission that is filled with different strategic planning requirements

For corporations, that often means developing strategies for revenue growth.

For governments, it means working on national economic development.

For non-profits, it means helping to grow their social impact.

We have particular expertise in assisting clients to diagnose the efficiencies of existing planning processes and help them improve to enable better and faster decisions, thus enhancing the quality of strategic operational and financial planning.

We address the problems that are involved in growth: strategy, marketing, pricing, innovation, product development, organization, leadership, and economic competitiveness. In many cases, the work we do to impact growth involves integrating all these areas.

We do advisory projects with management teams on issues of significant strategic importance to the client organization. These can be as short as a few months or involve transformative actions over many years.