Why Us

Do you want an adviser who passes advice from an office tower...OR a team who physically builds the bridge on the ground across the issues and problems to get your company to where you want it to go?

The experience of working with Windrock Group is unique and it is distinctively different. Most advisers stand on their side of the river and shout advice about how to cross it. We stand on your side of the river and work to get you across. Here are some of the ways we are different.

We work well within

We know that just because an organization wants something to happen, it doesn’t make it so. It is critical for our plan to motivate and enable the organization to move forward, convinced that the direction is correct. We do that well, working with people at all levels in your organization. We work with your whole organization, so when we are ready to move we can move faster.

Beginning with You

We start from understanding your situation and customize everything we do to fit your execution plan. We help you find the best way for your organization to solve the challenge at hand. The ideas, approaches, and methods we bring to bear on client problems are from real life experiences that have taught us to tackle hard issues, hence we teach you.

Multi-talented Team for Complex Problems

Our guys don’t avoid tough issues. We get the hard questions on the table in a way that enables us to talk about them productively to get answers. Client relations can require addressing multiple barriers, which in turn require multiple management disciplines. We deploy teams with extraordinary breadth and depth of expertise to match the complexity of the challenges they are intended to solve. While we have industry expertise—lots of it—we don’t rely on that alone. We have long standing relationships with expertise in the different management disciplines required to overcome unique problems. While we provide advisory services, we are not just a consulting firm. We help our clients build their own capacity and capabilities for lasting results, we offer multiple services that complement our strategic advisory work.