Greg Kleponis is a reserve Air Force Colonel and business professional who has served both in the private sector as well on multiple active duty assignments in combat zones. His last active duty assignment was with the Combined Security Transition Command-Afghanistan where he was the Senior Advisor to the Deputy Minister of Interior for Security. In this role, he provided senior level linkage to Coalition Forces and International Community developing national policy. He developed security & training programs and coordinated operations for security throughout the nation of Afghanistan. He was also responsible for delivering briefings and speeches for the worldwide donor community highlighting security successes and challenges as well as being the principal consultant for DM to International Police & Security Community for Rule of Law Programs.

Prior to that assignment he served as the Division Chief, Policy, Requirements & Applications, Global Combat Support Deputy Chief of Staff for Logistics, Installation, and Mission Support, Headquarters United States Air Force, Washington, DC. There he was responsible for integrating Air Staff level coordination and synchronization over Agile Combat Support (ACS) to include logistics plans, fuels, materiel management, maintenance, munitions, services, communications, deployment and distribution, civil engineer, security, and medical functions to directly support expeditionary airbase standup, operations, sustainment, redeployment and reconstitution. He devises and coordinates program upgrades pertaining to Expeditionary Combat Support planning and deployment readiness training. As the ACS lead for the development of Irregular Warfare, he shapes doctrine, develops policy, and defines effects that Expeditionary Combat Support can deliver across the broad spectrum of Civil Military Operations in the interagency environment. He develops Air Force wide initiatives to validate, standardize and spirally develop Common Ground Airman Equipment Systems and lean fielding strategies.

He served two tours in Iraq where he was responsible for the development of Rule of Law programs, training Iraqi Special Police Forces and served during his second tour as the Commander of the Theater Internment Facility at Camp Bucca.

His experience runs the broad spectrum of security, logistics, contracting and business development. He has successfully built two businesses both operating in Iraq and Afghanistan. Prior to his recall to active duty after 911 he was Senior Vice President of Wealth Management & Private Banking at Mercantile Bancshares in Baltimore Maryland where he oversaw and directed a division that managed over $4 billion in Private Client assets. He spent nearly a decade in banking and brokerage. He holds a B.A. from the Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania, an M.A. in Diplomacy with a concentration in Post Conflict Management from Norwich University and an L.L.M. in Law from the University of London. He is also a Certified Financial Planner.