Mr. Steven Hulme is a Business Development Professional with over eleven (11) years' experience working with companies in developing expansion plans for their existing footprint or developing strategies to initiate a new avenue of income. He is versed in understanding cultural identity with the ability to work within different cultures; he has extensive global experience in management leadership.

Mr Hulme's earlier professional career rotated around working in the UK in the security industry. He was involved in several large negotiated security contracts and was the initial point man for a security company's expansion strategy into the MENA region on a $50 million dollar contract. He was sent into the Iraq theatre in 2006 to set up an office and LSA camp for a UK/U.S security corporation, where he developed the companies U.S Federal Contracting relation. In Iraq his duties were country operations manager as well as holding the security manager/convoy commander positions, which included being liaison to all military contracting offices.

Mr. Hulme joined Al Omar/Quality LCC of Kuwait City and Nasariya City Iraq in 2008 where he managed several camp operations under a blanket purchase agreement (BPA's) contract issued by the U.S Department of Defense. There he developed several contracts, including a base operations support contract utilizing 32 TCN electrical engineers for base support staff.

In 2010 Mr. Hulme developed and negotiated several contract opportunities in Afghanistan, contracts awarded were through KBR /Flour /U.K Embassy/Australian Embassy/Iraqi Ministry of Interior. He is a highly motivated business development specialist who has developed several joint ventures with companies in the MENA region and has lead business contacts in Europe, South Asia, the Middle East, and Africa in the areas of manpower, logistical supply chain, and construction to support contracts issued through the U.S military contracting offices in the MENA region.

Since 2010 Mr. Hulme has been associated with companies from Afghanistan/Iraq/Pakistan/UAE. His core competency is in the development of opportunities in Security, Logistical Supply Chain, Construction and Construction material supply. omptrollers.