Mare Elston is a communications, advocacy, and public relations professional with over 18 years experience in the Middle East, Africa, and Asia; currently she works as a development and communications consultant, working in 'post conflict' zones.

After completing her post-graduate degree in Cairo, she moved to Dubai, and built a successful career in PR and communications; she directed regional and international communications campaigns for private sector clients, Arab Governments, and NGO's.

Since 2009, Mare re-directed her life to work in post conflict zones, first working as a consultant to the government of Libya, and identifying potentials for foreign investment in that country. She later moved to Afghanistan, and was involved in several important private sector and infrastructure development projects there. She is experienced in the management of donor-funded development projects, as well as donor and stakeholder relations, and project reporting.

In 2013, Mare accompanied her husband for his work in Sierra Leone, in West Africa, and while in that country, she gave her time on a voluntary basis for several local business development initiatives and capacity building exercises. They had to leave the country, however, due to the outbreak of Ebola in their district.

Mare's professional experience includes public relations, advocacy and community outreach, brand development, corporate communications, communications strategy and budgeting, journalism, stakeholder relation, project management and reporting, event management, crisis communications planning, internal and external communications, media training, and capacity development.

Mare maintains residences in South Africa and Dubai, UAE, and she is willing and able to travel anywhere at short notice for long or short term contracts.