Country Director & CEO of start-up Afghan security company. Directing in-country life support, program client support for embedded EXPAT employees with partner Afghan businesses in construction and procurement, logistics, security and transportation services. Directed life support, transportation and site and mobility [convoy & PSD] security services for embedded EXPAT & TCN nationals with client USFOR-A/ISAF organizations in Afghanistan.

Executive Advisor/Mentor. Operations Directorate, Ministry of Interior, Kabul, Afghanistan. Provided daily directorate level advisory/mentoring of operations planning, crisis response, incident management and force development; National Police Command Center [NPCC] mentor oversight of operations laterally with other Afghanistan Civil Ministries, 5 subordinate regional commands, 34 provinces and 365 districts having Afghan National Police operations. Developed coordination/response protocols between the Ministry and Allied/Coalition military. Program included developing protocols for continuity of government connectivity for natural disaster preparedness and support of internal security operations, as well as NPCC connectivity with the Ministries of Communications, Trade, Foreign Affairs, Finance, Public Works, Health, Defense and the National Directorate of Security to institute critical infrastructure protection measures.

21 Years Military Experience with joint, allied, conventional, law enforcement and special operations forces; four years commanding naval special warfare units (SEAL) and U.S. military assistance missions overseas; seven years operations/planning staff experience at unified military commands. Maritime Special Operations/Plans Officer, Special Operations Command Central [SOCCENT] for the original theatre Joint and Coalition warfare special operations plans for the U.S. Central Command Area of Responsibility. Operations contingency planner for Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Horn of Africa. Developed/implemented training and exercises for U.S. and foreign special operations units. Directed joint/combined/allied operations in the Middle East, northeast Africa [Egypt, Sudan, Kenya], and the Eastern Caribbean, including DoD lead for the 1982 US Presidential visit to Barbados; 30 months combat operations in riverine, coastal and urban operating areas in Southeast Asia. Developed counter terrorist programs infrastructures in Southeast Asia, Eastern Caribbean, Middle East and northeast Africa.

Established the U.S. Security Assistance Program in the Eastern Caribbean (Barbados, St. Vincent, St. Lucia, Dominica, Antigua, and Barbuda). Assisted Eastern Caribbean decision makers in establishing a Regional Security System for law enforcement, security and contingency response to counter threats to governments, area seaports and critical infrastructure; developed program objectives, budgets, and training. Advised U.S. Navy/Royal Thai Navy planning and exercise development for antisubmarine, mine warfare, coastal defense, Thai-Lao border riverine, amphibious, and maritime special operations (SEAL) commands; planner/mentor for the U.S./Thai joint-combined exercises that became the current U.S./Thai COBRA GOLD exercises.