Gerald is a retired U.S. Naval, Civil Engineering Corps Officer with forty plus years of construction experience. His reputation is that of a practical project manager with the ability to resolve difficult issues quickly and effectively. His skills in understanding the principles of construction are tremendous and his product knowledge is wide ranging.

He has worked extensively in contract management both on the U.S. Government side and on the private commercial side of government contracting. Gerald has always developed a good relationship with the client though understanding the contract language and requirements, hence bring forth the additional opportunities that arise when contracts need to be amended or have change orders to be addressed as the client’s true needs come to light.

In addition to his many years of government contracting experience, Gerald was successful for ten plus years in the highly competitive petro-chemical industry ranging from pipeline projects in Indonesia, refinery projects in South America and to plastic plants in South Korea. Gerald has been selected a number of times to participate in U.S. embassy projects in different locations around the world, not an easy undertaking to get selected, unless you have a stellar performance and background record.

He has successfully held positions as a Senior Vice President, Operations Director, Senior Project Manager, Project Manager, Quality Control Manager, etc. He has practical experience in all phases of construction including complex electrical installations, mechanical systems, structural, civil and all phases of project management. He has had direct participation in projects ranging from one million dollars to over one hundred million dollars. Globally his career has taken him to 39 different countries in which he has developed a multiculturalism understanding and can create winning teams in all environments.