Royce de Melo is a Canadian security and defence consultant with comprehensive experience working with a variety of entities, companies, and governments, specializing in Africa and the Middle East. Mr. de Melo has successfully completed projects for clients with a wide range of needs on several levels, and in various areas, by utilizing both his skills and worldwide network of experts and resources.

Mr. de Melo is an ex-member of 4 Royal Canadian Regiment Light Infantry, Close Protection experienced, DDR (Disarmament, Demobilization and Reintegration) certified who has studied in the Middle East, and has a background in Africa studies. He has independent and private experience in a variety of countries covering Central America to the Middle East and Africa. His professional experience and areas of expertise includes: analyses (geo-political, socio-political, terrorism, illicit trading, conflicts, economics, etc.); languages; close protection (CP); procurements and sourcing (e.g. equipment, aerospace, oil, defence, security, and personnel) for NGOs, private and government sectors; frontline; frontline observations; establishing and developing operations and training projects; country risk assessments; private security company assessments, internal reviews, and investigations; proposal writing; business development; marketing, and media and public relations; research; surveys and threat assessments, risk tracking; hostage negotiation; liaising, liaison officer and reporting/journalism.

He has been based in the Middle East, mainly in Cairo, Egypt, for over 18 years. He has worked in varying capacities in various conflict and volatile environments in the Middle East, Sub-Saharan Africa, and Central America; and he has a high level of on-the-ground experience and knowledge, perception, insight, and awareness of the historical, military, socio-political, economic, cultural, tribal, ethnic, and religious, complexities of conflicts, unconventional warfare, and terrorism.

In the early 90s Mr. de Melo was the only reporter/analyst to ever be embedded with Egypt's Muhabarat (Secret Police).

Mr. de Melo has a variety of experience in Africa, including as a Linguist and Liaison officer in security and close protection working, for example: with an African government and private sector client as a Liaison Officer and Close Protection expert; he has carried out gold mine security assessments and investigations in Ghana, oil security and investigations in Gabon, as well as front-line observations and analysis embedded with the SPLA in Sudan's war during Operation Thunderbolt offensive.

His consulting services can help advise on risk mitigation, security management, strategic plans of action for companies, and governments, and government agencies, to help best meet their safety and interests. For instance due to rising crime and social and economic tensions in Ghana, Mr. de Melo initiated and put forward to the government the first recommendations in years for development and implementation of new regulations, standards and laws, (and training), to professionalize the country's private security industry with a plan to make it more effective and better capable to provide the best and most practical services to deal with the existing threats, risks, and realities of the civil and economic environment.

Mr. de Melo has carried out security and intelligence analyses, and internal investigations, covered areas such as company assets, personnel, logistics, facilities, offices, HQ surveys, security training/performance assessments, terrorist threats, etc., worked in close protection (e.g. commanded an all Iraqi team), in low to medium and high risk zones for small companies to a multi-billion dollar corporation as a senior consultant (i.e. Egypt's Orascom Telecom covering a variety of aspects of its entire operations throughout Iraq and its subsidiary 'Iraqna' cellular provider).

As another example of his skill sets, in relatively short time he implemented the complete rebranding, renaming, and marketing/business development strategy for a private African security company to do business on local, national, regional and international levels, while advising on operational and material requirements for better operating capacities; while helping to conduct an internal investigation of the company.

Furthermore, as part of his developed skill sets, Mr. de Melo has helped advise in the handling of hostage situations and negotiations in the Middle East and Africa with success.