Dr. Ahmad Walid graduated from Kabul Medical University on 2007 during the 4th year of the NATO presence in Afghanistan. He has worked as a physician at different hospitals in the capital Kabul, for a number of years. Since becoming a doctor, he realized the need to interface with multi cultures, Dr. Walid attended different training schools not only to extend his medical knowledge but also to obtain certificates in the English Language, Computer Training and most recently business management courses. Dr. Walid’s first passion will always be related to medicine and to medical facility management as the Afghanistan environment changes.

Dr. Walid comes from a background with experience in the import-export business; his family has been involved in the export business for decades in Afghanistan. They exported Afghanistan products; such as raisins, carpet, wool, pomegranate, nuts and certain minerals, they imported vegetable oil, tea, coffee and medicines from other countries into Afghanistan. Dr. Walid has carried on his family tradition and offers import export services to a wide variety of clientele. His commitment to the NATO vision is unwavering and he has taken many risks to support their mission. Dr. Walid is connected with the logistical trucking industry through his export business and helps manage a logistical company.

Dr. Walid has adapted his skills and offered his leadership and managerial knowledge to local Afghan and International companies. He believes in the future of Afghanistan as a free and democratic country. He is highly organized and motivated for results. He was hired and assigned to the Executive Director position of Group-One Media, an Afghan owned media company that owns a TV station. In his term in that position he created and managed several successful media campaigns and helped produce a live show for the younger Afghanistan population to participate in having a voice for Afghanistan’s future, a program well received.

As Executive Director of Group One-Media, his operational, management and leadership skills has resulted in growth of the Group One-Media market share in a very competitive market. He has demonstrated an ability to keep projects on course, on time, and in budget. Dr. Walid, worked hand in hand with MPRI on a project at CSTC-A, in Camp Eggers. He brings excellent communication skills to bear with his relationships and is a true effective manager. Most recently Dr. Walid took over the CEO position of a construction and transportation company to increase their presence and sales.