Our Sectors

Business Strategy and Development

Windrock Group believes the key to every successful business can be traced back to great ideas but specifically to “a great idea” that was transformed into a profitable business. Today's business environments are increasingly fluid and in today’s climate, sustaining revenues and growth constantly demands new ideas, requires continuous innovation and committed resources.

Expeditionary Services

Windrock Group provides experienced expeditionary services to our clients. Whether the mission is to build lodging facilities for client support staff, a warehouse to hold equipment and supplies, or a road needed for quick direct access, we can mobilize with rapid capability to go abroad providing timely action pertaining to the needs of the client.

Market Research and Survey

Windrock Group believes the primary reason a client needs market intelligence is so they can have an edge and get answers. Clients have to identify requirements and needs to determine strategic plans for programs or to make decisions to enter a market.

Program and Project Management

Windrock Group believes that Program and Project management are the value drivers that help organizations get the most out of their performance. We offer program and project management solutions helping organizations govern and execute projects. We provide clients with skilled leadership that have properly aligned skill sets correlating directly to the program or project the clients have in the government or private sector.