Business Strategy and Development

Nothing happens until you make a commitment. Don’t find fault, find a remedy. Success takes work, faith, and persistence - fall seven times, stand up eight
Windrock Group believes the key to every successful business can be traced back to great ideas but specifically to “a great idea” that was transformed into a profitable business. Today's business environments are increasingly fluid and in today’s climate, sustaining revenues and growth constantly demands new ideas, requires continuous innovation and committed resources. That's where we come in, how do you evolve, innovate and expand while your resources are managing and maintaining your existing business? It is often impossible to achieve. We supply companies the help in transforming the next idea into a profitable business opportunity. That’s where our experience is needed.

Our consultant base is global with industry expertise in many high-growth markets, including green technologies, energy, software, Internet, telecommunications, and financial services. We have an extensive network of affiliates and advisers specializing in marketing, business development, accounting, corporate law, intellectual property and start-ups.

When Windrock Group becomes accountable to a client, we become a member of the management team. Whether you are looking for an international market to enter, a new business plan, or just need help building your business strategies and operations, Windrock Group brings resources to bear to help your staff achieve the goals you set before them.


Are you considering selling your products or services internationally? Are you looking to start your own manufacturing operations overseas? Or find oversea suppliers and manufacturers? Are you a business exploring the possibilities of entering and emerging market? Do you need a business plan to start a new venture in the Middle East, Africa or Asia? Call us!!

Windrock Group knows from experience that expanding your business internationally means adding multiple levels of complexity to your existing operations, understanding cultural differences, currency risk, legal issues and seemingly endless and irrational government regulations are just a few of the issues you will have to deal with. We act as an objective partner who can save you time and money, helping with strategy development, cultural adaptation, market research or survey, business plan preparation, financial forecasting, and developing capital formation strategies.


Our entrepreneurial experience and approach is in understanding your complete existing business model and your ideas of growth expansion. We screen markets, developed or emerging to find opportunities to target, gather intellect about the market environment and culture, survey for competitive elements, research regulations, corporate laws, labor rules, customs and taxation, and identify finance and logistical supply chains. Once the homework is done, we can design official proposals and business models. We focus on assessing opportunities and understanding its complete potential. We will work with you to define your potential markets, craft strategies to position your business, identify products to distribute or projects to build and help with the actual execution. Windrock Group will establish a consulting team of experienced business professionals who can help you navigate the complexities of doing business internationally.


We supply clients with market studies who have plans for off-shoring or outsourcing of services, products and manufacturing. We delve into determining the best locations for sourcing based on existing supply chain needs, labor law practices and associated costs in mobilizing into that area. We identify potential joint venture partners, distributors and offer advice on decisions to invest directly or contract with local suppliers, and on how to best structure agreements for leases, equipment purchases, labor and financing.


We create marketing strategies to make sure you offer the right proposition to the right people. Marketing collateral is critical in the business branding strategy; international start-ups and existing businesses ignore that fact at their peril. We offer consulting on website design, logo development, and company brochure message creation, remember all these messages impact your clients, how they find you and feel about you. We help you with corporate communications to get your message across with clarity, conviction and in the right demographic.

JV Partners / Distributors

We understand the process in getting ready to talk to investors for joint venture opportunities or distributor agreements; it can be many things, worrisome, agitating, exciting, terrifying and educational. Raising capital and finding a partner relation can be complex. We provide the expertise to focus on identifying, planning, and managing your company’s relationships with potential foreign investors. We work as a strategic business partner with you to help identify investor opportunities, build relationships and create an actionable plan.

Small Business

It’s a small world; even small businesses must think globally and compete intelligently and aggressively. Small business owners need to think outside the box, think differently and act boldly, if not, someone else will beat them to it and opportunities will be lost and the business will suffer. We help small businesses get to that next level. We focus our clients, helping them become more competitive and profitable in their business by utilizing sales and marketing development expertise and experienced hands-on management consulting. Our approach will develop accountability through plans that can be put into action and are designed to achieve business objectives so that clients can get ahead of competition. We apply our experienced marketing and sales backgrounds to not only develop the vision, but in some cases perform the actual marketing implementation.

Prior to the commencement of the engagement, the business analyst determines the time required to accomplish the engagement objectives. The client is responsible for the hourly billing rate and the travel expenses related to the engagement. If additional time is needed, beyond the hours originally determined by the business analyst, to complete the engagement objectives the client will be informed in advance.