Expeditionary Services

Windrock Group provides experienced expeditionary services to our clients. Whether the mission is to build lodging facilities for client support staff, a warehouse to hold equipment and supplies, or a road needed for quick direct access, we can mobilize with rapid capability to go abroad providing timely action pertaining to the needs of the client.

Our team is led by former department of defense personnel who have combined years of experience in logistical movement worldwide by land, sea and air. We offer innovative solutions for client challenges, and we continue to evolve and introduce new technology for increased efficient operational support in all regions. Our expeditionary construction and logistics experience can deliver quick responsive and cost effective support to our clients’ operations around the world. We can get companies into locations and establish a footprint while bridging the gap of a new environment that requires pre-positioned operational set up.

Expeditionary Construction Services

Windrock Group has experienced teams who have built base camps in support of the Iraq and Afghanistan mission. They can be the first boots on the ground when our clients operation requires us to provide the initial infrastructure necessary to achieve their mission. These types of projects require us to source, procure and deliver all required material and equipment to project site locations, even in austere environments. We will execute the erection of accommodations, construct new facilities, refurbish existing facilities, or install modular containers, to include water and power generation systems.

We can facilitate the design and build of a facility that will house aircraft operations or fulfill large warehousing requirements, with a deliver and erection schedule to meet any demand. We can mobilize to an environment and create hardened surfaces for foundation, hardened dirt roads, short runways, or helicopter pads on the ground, within days.
We can also help clients execute ongoing operations and maintenance support by providing the right personnel to manage the facilities operations & maintenance programs, to include catering, medical services, fuel, supply support, and ground transport services.

As an engaged team member working with any prime contractor client Windrock Group can provide resources associated to the design and construction of a project to include field engineers and construction personnel equipped to handle the demands of the austere environment.

Logistical Advantages

By maintaining regional supply chain partners, our procurement support is able to acquire material through an international network of vendors with a cost effective approach, and we ensure safe and timely transport by land, sea or air to include asset warehousing and forward staging. We stay informed of trade requirements to keep movements smoothly operating. Windrock Group ensures professional oversight, cost control, and logistical solutions by using qualified sources in each environment we operate.