Market Research and Survey

Windrock Group believes the primary reason a client needs market intelligence is so they can have an edge and get answers. Clients have to identify requirements and needs to determine strategic plans for programs or to make decisions to enter a market. Clients continually ask the questions, should we invest or how should we move forward? These are the answers we provide through our market intelligence service.

We provide comprehensive research solutions and strategic intelligence for clients who are entering into new areas of work or interested in gaining knowledge about a specific emerging market. Market research is the key factor to get advantage over competitors. Market research provides important information to identify and analyze the market need, market size and competition. We provide market research in unstable environments if the client has a need or a program that requires advance knowledge of a cultures environment.

Windrock Group provides research that can be defined as the search for knowledge, or as a systematic investigation, with an open mind, to establish novel facts, solve new or existing problems, prove new ideas, or develop new theories. The primary purpose of basic research (as opposed to applied research) is to provide documented discovery and interpretation or the research and development of methods and systems for the advancement of human knowledge.

Our survey methodology studies a sample of individuals from a population with a view towards making statistical inferences about the population using the sample. Our surveys can focus on different topics such as preferences, behavior or factual information depending on its purpose. Survey research is always based on a sample of the population; the success is dependent on the representativeness of the population of concern.